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Albergue Espanhol

"-Já alguma vez estiveste apaixonado? - Não, fui barman toda a minha vida." My Darling Clementine, John Ford.

Albergue Espanhol

"-Já alguma vez estiveste apaixonado? - Não, fui barman toda a minha vida." My Darling Clementine, John Ford.

Letter to a German Friend


It seems the nuclear power issue is responsible for CDU's defeat in the last German Land election. Germans complaining about nuclear power seem to me the same as Americans praising communism.
There are countries, for instance mine, that would greatly benefit from heavy industry, nuclear power and all those "capitalist sins" that have been so important to almost all major economies of the world. However, for one reason or the other, those countries do not get to practice any of the "sins" and are left perpetually as economic wanna-be's.


At the same time, people in some of the richest countries of the planet, say Germany, take this ecologist-moralist-politically correct stance against exactly what has made their countries so rich. What an extravagant luxury that is!, to criticize precisely what has made you wealthy, while enjoying all the great benefits from great wealth!

I would very much like to join the politically-correct-green-moralists in my own country and complain against nuclear power, capitalism, the Americans, and so on and so forth. But BEFORE that happens, I want my country to be as rich as yours. I do not mind so much to get the "environmental damages" and the "stressed society" and the "pollution" from any of those rich countries if I can get as well as much MONEY, employment, excellent education and high level of opportunities at birth as, say, in your Baden-Württemberg. I also want the car companies too.


Wir leben autos - we would be so much happier if only we could say that in Portugal while enjoying the same economic benefits Germans do. 


We can even make a deal: you keep your green-moralism and receive a whole new clean atmosphere and, in exchange, I get into my "peripherical country" of 10 million people (about the same population as your Land) all those car factories you have in Baden-Württemberg.


Can you imagine?! You getting what you want, that's green environment, I getting what I want, those horrible capitalist monsters Mercedes and Porsche?! Won't you be happy with this transaction? I will! And you should, if you truly believe in the green-catechism you are always so proud to defend...

Now you can tell me that the good things I am talking about (the money, the opportunities, the equality, the education) can be achieved without the "capitalist sins" I mentiond above. Should anyone come to me with that argument, I have only one thing to tell them: do not let your leftist-moralism blind you: just open your eyes and look at reality - at YOUR own reality.


And should reality not be enough, you can look at some data and scientific work as well: there's plenty of bibliography available (upon request).

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